Amaron 950VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter vs Amaron 900VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter comparison

Compare Amaron 950VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Amaron 950VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Compare Amaron 900VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Amaron 900VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter
key specs
TypePure Sine WavePure Sine Wave
Input Voltage12 VA900 VA
Model950VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter900VA Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Model Name950VA900VA
TypePure Sine WavePure Sine Wave
input features
Input Voltage12 VA900 VA
Width20 cm25.4 cm
Height2 cm14 cm
Depth24 cm25.4 cm
Weight-8.2 kg

An inverter battery is designed to provide a small amount of current for a longer duration of time. All the power backup solutions, like inverters, and UPS operate by converting the DC current into AC current as all of our electrical appliances run on AC power.

Power Cuts Are A Nuisance And Interrupt Day-To-Day Life. If You Are Looking For A Utilitarian And Stylish Inverter For Your Home Or Office, Take A Look At This Amaron 900 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter. Available At Jupiter Trading/ Indra Enterprises, This Inverter Supports All Kinds Of Appliances. It Is Completely Noiseless And As Soon As It Senses A Power Cut, It Silently To Battery Mode. This Way, You Do Not Even Know That There Has Been A Power Failure. It Has A Capacity Of 900 Va And Being A Sinewave Inverter, It Offers Brilliant Power Back-Up For All Your Appliances. The Inverter From Amaron Runs On The Sinewave Technology. The Device Has Visual Indicators As Well As An Overload Alarm. Therefore, Say Goodbye To Humid, Gloomy And Stagnant Power Cuts With This Useful Inverter. Technology This Amaron 900 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter Is Powered By Sinewave Technology. This Technology Allows Other Machines To Run For A Longer Period Of Time. Thus, If You Do Experience Power Cuts For A Long Period Of Time, This Inverter Will Come To Your Rescue. Audio Alarms It Is Not Always Possible To Keep An Eye On The Inverter To Check On The Status Of The Appliance. Therefore, The Inverter Has A System Overload Alarm That Signals You When There Is An Overload And Automatically Resets The Inverter. Apart From This, The Inverter Has A Blown Fuse Alarm Protection, Short Circuit Protection And A Low Battery Signal. Battery Charging & Management The Battery Of This Amaron 900 Va Pure Sinewave Inverter Can Be Charged Quickly And Efficiently. This Sinewave Inverter Comes With A Battery, Which Has A High Power Factor And Reduces The Quantity Of Ac Power Needed To Charge The Inverter Batteries. Therefore, It Consumes Less Energy As Well. The Inverter Also Has A Transformer That Enhances The Longevity Of The Inverter By Reducing The Power Consumption.

Warranty Summary-10 Years Transformer Warranty By Manufacturer
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